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Life for Lily Spencer is finally looking up.


Her career is going from strength to strength, and she has met someone who gives her everything she believed she wasn't worthy of.


Some people would love nothing more than to see Lily fail in happiness. 


When truths finally out, and pasts collide, Lily is faced with the ultimate decision. 


Is her love for Jace enough to withstand the heartache others wish for them, or will she allow herself to overcome her biggest fears?


Winning is for a moment, but promises are eternal.

Author Note: This book is for readers 18+ It contains explicit scenes, and scenes that some readers may find triggering.

Trigger Warnings;

Domestic violence, substance/drug abuse, miscarriage

MC was involved with another woman after pursuing the FMC (Book1 Portrayal) He isn't upfront about this. 

*If there are CW's that you feel should be on this list, please contact me directly.

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