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Escape The Light

How do you escape the light when you set out to make it shine so bright?


We should have never met, not in this life or the next.


We are two souls chained to the opposite spectrums of life. 


Light and dark.


Day and night.


One cannot exist without the other.


I can no longer hide from my demons, but his are far worse. They swirl in his eyes and chase the fear from my mind.


He made me a deal, and I sold my soul in the hope of peace. 

But darkness leaves its mark and Callan Scott is danger personified. 

He’s my ticket to freedom. 

My way to a new life. 


I’ve survived all these years, I can survive one more month. 


One month is nothing, a mere blink in time.


It just leaves one question.

Will I survive him? 

Author Note: This book is for readers 18+ It contains explicit scenes, and scenes that some readers may find triggering.

Trigger Warnings;

Sex-trafficking, substance/drug abuse, kidnapping, abuse, blood

*If there are CW's that you feel should be on this list, please contact me directly.

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