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Ten years ago, I left my hometown, with a heart full of hurt, riddled with distrust and the humiliation of others' actions clinging to my very bones.

Nothing could ever make me return home. That was until my father passed away and left my childhood home to me. Now I’m back, my little girl in tow, hoping to give her the type of childhood I had. To start fresh and make something of myself.

Only, I never expected him to be here. For the onslaught of buried emotions, it would pull from me.

I thought bringing my daughter into this world would be hard. But facing Cameron Stone after all this time proves more difficult, especially when he is still the most charming and handsome man I ever met.




Ten years ago, the love of my life disappeared from my life, and it has forced me to live with the ache of that loss every single day. I bury it deep, keep my head high and my feet moving forwards. Life is good. I’m finally in a better place and ready to settle down.

So the last person I expect to see again is beautiful Holly Matthews.

She’s home. Back in my life, dredging up the past and unravelling years of pain to simmer between us.

I thought I had faced all my demons, but witnessing her return with her family is a bitter pill I’m not yet ready to swallow.

Signed Copy of Stone Heart

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