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Hey There!

If you are a new to me reader, then welcome.

I'm an indie author who writes dark romance under the pen name
Harper-Leigh Rose.
I'm in my villain era, so you can expect questionable and possessive men who have a soft spot for their sassy heroines.



The Petrov Family

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Ivy Adams is no stranger to being alone. She trusts no one and thinks little of stealing to get by. After all, everyone she has ever known has always betrayed her, so why should she treat others any differently?


But when she is caught stealing from mafia boss, Lev Petrov, her life becomes his to toy with.


Forced to work for the cold, ruthless man, it’s hard to ignore the flicker of heat simmering between them.


One stroke of the match and their chemistry sets ablaze, burning through their lives.


Even when her debt is paid, Lev is loath to lose her. That is, until past enemies expose her secrets and Ivy is faced with loving a man she is too scared to trust.

Trigger Warnings:

Death. SA. Somnopilia. Primial kink. CNC

Coming 2024!

A dark, why choose mafia romance.
I also write contemporary romance as A. R. Thomas. You can find more info on that if you navigate through my website to the About or Books tab.
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