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Lily Spencer is finally getting her life back on track. 


She's making a name for herself in the art community and letting go of the past.

That is until Jace Bennett comes into her life, the cocky architect is everything she has promised herself to stay away from.

No matter how hard she resists him, he is just as determined to show her what irresponsible feels like.

A man like Jace is used to getting his own way. 

But with Lily, he is out of his depth. 

She is the only woman who is happy to see the back of him. 

The further from him she goes the harder he tries to win her over. 

It's never as simple as winning. 

Not when their pasts are hanging over them...

Author Note: This book is for readers 18+ It contains explicit scenes, and scenes that some readers may find triggering.

Trigger Warnings;

Domestic violence, substance/drug abuse. 

*If there are CW's that you feel should be on this list, please contact me directly.

Click here for more information on book two, Betrayal.

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